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What is KUDU?

Kudu was founded by team of  Spanish designers with a vision: to make beautiful design more accessible and easy! It was founded as a hobby but turned out a fulltime job, and we are delighted to do what we really like - to make  the word a little more beautiful!

What do you need it for?

KUDU magnets give you the opportunity to spice up your kitchen according to your own personality. Bring your kitchen to life by decorating the white, black or gray appliances with KUDU magnetic panels. This is no ordinary magnets; they are high quality, cutting edge, attractive full size displayed works of art.
When redecorating your kitchen it can be quite expensive but  KUDU magnets are the easiest way to revamp your fridge or dishwasher. You’ll have the opportunity to bring a change of color, style and atmosphere, without breaking your budget. These magnets can jazz up your kitchen whether you like a themed kitchen or just want to update your fridge, freezer or dishwasher with a unique new look.
You are only limited by your imagination; why not surround yourself with what you love?

What is the product?

Decorate Kitchen appliances with Magnetic  prints
We cater for a all of sizes, artwork and prints as given by our customers.
We are the only company offering this, our magnetic panels are print exactly according the sizes of the fridge or fridge model  supplied by our customers.
Magnetic panels are printed on 0.4mm thick elastic durable magnetic material. These attractive decorative kitchen magnet panels are coated with cold lamination which keeps the colors vibrant for years to come. Apart from visually uplifting your kitchen, they also lend themselves to be cleaned easily. With no black marks left on your existing appliances and no special training needed to fit it, you’ll have no excuse, to not have the latest design in your kitchen.
Pick a style for your appliance look
If you need inspiration to decorate your kitchen with this unique revolutionary product then look no further. You can go ultra-modern, with harsh angles and black and whites or geometric art pieces.
For a Sea theme, consider seashells, islands, sailor gear or a wonderful beach and sunset theme.
If you opt for an earthy theme, then consider wood, food like spices, bowls of potpourri or fruits and wines. You are sure to find the right design that fits perfectly with your personality by scrolling through our various prints.

Why buy from KUDU?

With a passionate founder, Neta Kunin and personal attention to detail, you are in the best hands with the KUDU brand name.
KUDU being the only brand offering this unique magnetic decorative product has become a famous brand by servicing clients international since 2012. There’s a delight in joining the KUDU brand by owning your own magnetic fridge panel, why not experience it for yourself?

Buying process

With convenience at your fingertips, the ordering process allows you to select your appliance and to take measurements at your earliest convenience, even after checkout.

We pride ourselves in quality magnetic products delivered to your doorstep by offering a 14-day money-back guarantee.
Step 1 – Choose your appliance from the kitchen appliance diagrams on KUDU’s home page.
Step 2 – Select the design you want and click “Buy Now” or “Add to cart” if you’re buying more than one.
Step 3 – Complete the order shipping details. Please note our payment method allows you to pay with your credit card as a "PayPal guest" even if you don't have a PayPal account.
Step 4 – At the checkout process you will be ask to measure your fridge or enter your fridge model.

Corporates Brand Awareness

As part of corporate brand awareness, KUDU magnetic panels offer corporates the perfect opportunity to increase your brand awareness. The fridge is opened on average 30 times a day. Multiply this by your distribution rate over 365 days and you will see the potential in your business name being seen over and over again. This unique brand awareness opportunity is exclusively offered by KUDU magnetic panels.  Be first, be new and incorporate this into your corporate gifting marketing strategy.
No request is too big or too small and our team of experienced staff is always available to help so that our clients get maximum exposure out of KUDU magnetic panels.

You are good people if you made it till here!
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And if you like art dolls visit my mom's site :) 

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