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Straight outta Tel Aviv, just-launched Kudu makes magnetic vinyl panels the size of an entire fridge, and operates under the philosophy that you should be able to “change the design of your fridge anytime, maybe even every day”. Kudu, you so Ku-razy! Ready-to-ship designs made to your specs include stylized wood planks, LEGOs, a brick …


The guys at Kudu Magnets found an easy and cool way to completely change the atmosphere of any kitchen. They looked at the refrigerator — you know the thing most see as nothing but a big food box — and saw an opportunity. It’s difficult to approach fridge magnets in an imaginative way, but Kudu …


Dressing up kids and pets is so passé. The new canvases of self-expression are appliances. And the most decadent of appliance haute couture is Kudu’s magnetic fridge skins–panels that adhere to refrigerators’ full facades, transforming the ugly acrylic ducklings into sleek, majestic swans more representative of our own passions and artistic tastes. Even better, as …


Owning something unmistakably yours has been a tradition for centuries. It could be a simple iPhone cover or shirt monogram, to something more elaborate like  Da’Vinci experts claiming that the Mona Lisa is actually Da’Vinci himself painted as a woman. Well, you might not be Leo D, but thanks to Kudu Fridge Magnets you can …


Tired of staring at your plain old boring refrigerator? Sounds like you need to get a damn life! Jk, jk (but for real). Kudu Magnets are for your fridge. They’re offered in a variety of designs and themes and will definitely spice up your kitchen space so you can focus on more important matters than …


“How can I make this boring place look more interesting?” – I bet you asked yourselves this question at least one time while being in the kitchen. And really what can we do? Hang a picture or a painting just like in mom’s kitchen? Decorate with some stickers? All of this seems corny or messy… …

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