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Answers to some frequently asked questions:) It is easy to apply and remove a KUDU magnet? Yes! Can I put another magnet above KUDU magnet? Yes! Do you have more questions about Kudu? Comment here:)

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How to install a KUDU magnet


We love this design, it is one of our all time best sellers!


This is a  designed magnet we made with cut outs for non removable handles


My fridge was another boring blob before I got this awesome magnet. It fits perfectly to my french door, I just had to measure them and ordering was a jiffy. Hardest part was to wait for it, it took a little while, and I had to remind myself “this is a custom made product, hang …


One more custom design from a picture our client made


A custom magnet we made for a client.


The first time i saw this skin for my fridge i was in love! Got it for 2 years now and the colors are as bright as they were when i got it. No fading or anything, it looks great! My kitchen looks so cool with it, every one of my friends tell me where …


So my sister was moving to her new house and I wanted to surprise her with this full size magnet for her fridge… Had to get the measures of the door WITHOUT her noticing, and she is a stay-at-home mom who loves to cook. Wasn’t easy. But, oh, you gotta see the look on her …


A custom design made from a holiday picture, a great way to make your vacation unforgettable!


As you can see you can put your favorite magnets above KUDU magnets


A good solution for an open kitchen


“Hi! thank you now the freezer looks so much better!!!” Shauna, Canada


For me the most difficult part was the choosing because there were so many designs to pick from and I could not decide which one I liked best! after I got and loved the first one, I believe i’m gonna get us a few more. I’m thinking on the Autumn one next… or maybe the …


Find the fridge:)


A nice touch of color for this kitchen interior


Custom made magnet to fit any fridge model with special cut outs for handles and panels If you want this design for your fridge


A beautiful magnet selection for our client in Singapore


All pictures are sent to us by our clients. Those are not professional photos.

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