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We print according the sizes you give us! And we are the only ones!

So our magnets will be a perfect fit for any fridge or dishwasher.

The magnets are shipped 1-2 weeks after ordering

Do you ship KUDU magnets to my country?
Yes, we ship our products worldwide.

What are the shipping costs?
The shipping costs are $0-$60 depending on the fridge model and the destination country.
You will see the shipping costs at the checkout process
The shipping for the Fix size magnet is free!

How do you know the sizes of my fridge?
At the checkout process you will be ask to measure your fridge or enter your fridge model, you can do it then or request an e-mail form and to do it whenever it is convenient to you.

Can I return the magnet and get a refund?
Yes if it is a fixed size magnet in 14 days after receiving the magnet. No if it is a custom made by size.

How do you ship your products?
We ship all orders via  post mail or by EMS packed and secured in a protected tube or padded envelope.

You don't have my fridge model what can i do?
We can produce any size of a magnet just contact us neta.kudu@gmail.com

What can I do about the handles of the fridge?
Please contact us and we will find a solution, case by case.

Can I order magnet for the side of the fridge?
Yes just order any top freezer magnet and add a comment "for the fridge side".

How long will it take to receive my order?
Usually it takes 21-28 business days for shipments to arrive, depending on your locations.

Who pays customs fees?
You will be responsible for any duties, customs and taxes levied by your individual country.

Is there a risk magnet colors fade or deface?
No, because the magnet is laminated, the lamination protects the vivid colors & allows to clean it easily

Can I print my own design or picture on the magnet?
Yes, sure! Please contact us and we will be glad to print your own unique design.

Can I order  branded magnets for my company?
Yes, sure! Please contact us and we will be glad to print and design a special magnets for your business

Other magnet don't get stuck to my fridge will yours?

You are good people if you made it till here!
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