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Enter the outside in, with this beautiful sunset winery view
Price: $119

All KUDU products are printed on an 0.4mm flexible magnet by a cutting edge, highest quality technology and coated with lamination. This to ensure our products a long lasting, prevent colors from fading and enable easy cleaning All magnets except ''Fix Size'' are printed only after the reservation received, based on the fridge model or sizes given by the customer. After the payment process, you will be asked to fill in the sizes and you will receive email to be filled in your spare time.

The custom made magnets are shipped a week after reservation. All the magnets (except Fixed size and dishwashers) are sent via EMS, you will receive an email with a tracking number. Fixed size and magnets for dishwashers are sent by regular registered mail. The maximum time for receiving the magnet is 28 days. The magnets sent in a secure tube, and the fixed size magnets in a padded envelope. We ship our products worldwide.
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