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Kudu Magnets is Appliance Art

Instead of settling for the invariably plain appearance of your refrigerator, now you can decorate it with delightful designs printed on fridge skins, and even your dishwasher can have a whole new look for each season. Using Kudu Magnets you can totally personalize your kitchen decoration by customizing the color, style and atmosphere of your domestic appliances as you always wished to. Think of the possibilities…

What are Kudu Magnets?

These are big magnets for fridge and dishwasher doors, custom fitted to the exact measures and type of your own appliances, with beautiful images printed in high detail over thick, elastic and durable magnetic material. Every Kudu Magnet is coated with cold lamination, which keeps their colors alive and vibrant for years to come and also makes them very easy to clean. A high quality product conceived and manufactured to make your home even more pretty.

Who makes Kudu Magnets?

Neta Kunin started our journey by making magnetic skins for her own fridge as a hobby, and then from 2012 on she began to offer a whole range of fridge fronts on our Internet store. Kudu Magnets has since grown to become an internationally renowned brand, and with the help of a team of Spanish designers, of freelancers from all over the World, and driven by her own passion, we continue to lead this new trend in interior decoration, and you too can be a part of it!

Buying Process

With convenience at your fingertips, the ordering process allows you to select your appliance and to take measurements at your earliest convenience,  after checkout.

We pride ourselves in quality magnetic products delivered to your doorstep by offering a 14-day money-back guarantee.
Step 1 – Select the design you want
Step 2 – Choose your appliance and click  “Add to cart”
Step 3 – Complete the order shipping details. Please note our payment method allows you to pay with your credit card as a “PayPal guest” even if you don’t have a PayPal account.
Step 4 – After the checkout process you will be contacted  regarding the sizes of your fridge or dishwasher. Our team will be happy to assist and answer all the questions you might have

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