Politica di ritorno

-You can get a full refund 14 days after your purchase and prior to sending us the measurements of your refrigerator or dishwasher.
As your magnet is being custom-made especially for your appliance, after the production starts, we can not offer any refund except the shipping fee, in case the magnet has not been shipped yet.
*In case of damaged goods, You will have to send the product back or send us an image or a video and we will replace your product.
*Poster magnets are 100% refundable till 14 days after receiving the product.
*Our Gift Cards are 100% refundable till 6 months after the purchase.

Contact us if you have any questions

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all top freezer models
All Top freezer models with or without digital panels
all bottom freezer models
All bottom freezer models with or without digital panels
all side by side models
All side by side models with or without ice dispenser
all french door models
All french door models with or without Ice dispenser 3 or 4 doors
for fridge sides or chest freezers
For the side of the fridge or for chest freezer models
all dishwashers and mini fridges
For all dishwashers models or mini fridges
Other magnets
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