We are printing our magnets according to the specifications given by you!
You will get your magnet exactly the size you need with cutouts – ready to use!

Custom made

We are printing and cutting the magnets according the specifications given by you, including cut outs for digital boards and ice dispenser​

Easy cleaning

Our magnets are easy to clean with just soap and wet mop

Fingerprins free

Forget about those annoing marcs on your fridge and dishwasher

No Hassle

Easy to apply, remove and store. you can change your KUDUmagnet depending the season, holidays or just your mood

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KUDU magnets are full-size magnets for fridge and dishwasher doors, custom fitted to the exact measures and type of your own appliances. With beautiful images printed in high detail over thick, elastic, and durable magnetic material.
Every KUDU magnet is printed with latex ink, which keeps the colors alive and vibrant for years to come and makes them very easy to clean.
A high-quality product conceived and manufactured to make your home even more pretty.



KUDU magnets  have no hazard warning labels, contain no Hazardous
Air Pollutants (HAPs), are non-flammable and non-combustible
and are nickel-free. Our vinyl and magnets are odorless and suitable for indoor display in sensitive environments such as hospitality and healthcare.

Special Offers

Nice to meet you

Hi, my name is Neta and I’m a professional designer and a mom of 2.
I started KUDU magnets as a hobby back in 2012, and now, my partner and I working on this project full-time.
I have more than 15 years of experience in design and advertising agencies, so making the world a little bit more amazing is my real passion.
Hope you will enjoy our magnets, and if you have an idea for your own design I will be glad to help you.

Neta Kunin 
Owner and Designer

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All Top freezer models with or without digital panels
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All bottom freezer models with or without digital panels
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All side by side models with or without ice dispenser
all french door models
All french door models with or without Ice dispenser 3 or 4 doors
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For the side of the fridge or for chest freezer models
all dishwashers and mini fridges
For all dishwashers models or mini fridges
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