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Have a black kitchen? Dreaming about a black fridge? Just want to add some chic to your kitchen, this magnet is for you.

Black planks wood will work for a white kitchen, tec design, boho style and black cabinets

Custom-made by size, including cutouts for ice dispensers and digital boards if necessary.

After finishing the order you will receive a personal email with an explanation about the sizes needed.
Our team will be in touch with any question or doubt you might have.

$60.50$166.98 Including VAT


Once the order is placed, you will receive an email with a simple guide on how to take the measurements of your appliance.

All KUDU products are printed on an 0.4mm flexible magnet by cutting-edge, highest-quality latex technology. This is to ensure our products a long lasting, prevent colors from fading, and enable easy cleaning.  All magnets are printed only after the reservation is received, based on the fridge model or sizes given by the customer. 

The custom-made magnets are shipped a week after reservation. All the magnets are sent via DHL, you will receive an email with a tracking number. Magnets for dishwashers are sent by regular registered mail. The maximum time for receiving the magnet is 28 days. The magnets are sent in a secure tube. We ship our products worldwide.

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Top freezer, Bottom freezer, Side by side, French door, Side of the fridge, Dishwasher, For fridge side

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