10 ways to upgrade your kitchen

10 ways to upgrade your kitchen

Let’s face it, the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house. Even if you dont spend hours over the stove, the whole family are in and out all the time. You want it to be a happy and attractive room. Over time, a kitchen can easily start looking a bit tired but without too much money and effort, you can transform your kitchen into a dream room.

It is also one of the main rooms that visitors and guests will notice. Even if they only pop in, people always remember the kitchen. 

You dont have to gut the whole room and get professionals in to create a brighter kitchen. Here are 10 ideas you can try that will have a major impact without breaking the bank.


Jazz up the lighting

Lighting can make a major difference to any room and is very effective in kitchens.  We are spoilt for choice these days with a dazzling array of funky light designs. Simply replacing a few lights with inexpensive new options will transform the look of your kitchen.


A Funky Backsplash

A fast and inexpensive way to add a splash of color or drama to a kitchen is a new backsplash. There are a number of ways to do this that will not cost a fortune and create an immediate impact.

New tiles are one way to go but this will be one of the more expensive options. One can use vinyl over existing tiles or even paint the tiles for a new look. Pegboard is another option that will allow you to hang accessories and interesting items on. Some people have even used picture frames although this will be difficult to clean.

Other ideas include metal roof tiles, wood panels or wooden floor laminate and peel and stick tiles. Most of the options are quick and pretty easy to do.


Textures Colors and Contrasts

Dont be afraid of mixing things up a bit. You can mix old and new, wood and steel or a range of colors. You obviously dont want to go overboard but experiment a bit and find what works in your kitchen.

Different fabrics can be used for seat cover or curtains and contrasting shades and textures can work well together.


New Flooring

Now, this can be expensive but if you are careful, it can be done on a budget. There are a number of options from tile to laminate or even vinyl. You can also save by only running the new flooring between the cabinets which will reduce the size of floor covering required.

The color is important as you want it to work with the rest of the room. Avoid darker colors unless you have a large bright space.


Throw down a rug or two

Who says you cannot use rugs in the kitchen? In the right environment, they can work well. They are particularly useful in cold areas where tiles will be cold in winter. A rug will add a sense of warmth to the room.

They are easier enough to take outside and clean every so often and can be swept or vacuumed daily. Bright rugs can be used to add color to a kitchen.


Magnets for your Fridge

No, we dont mean fridge magnets. A custom made magnetized fridge skin is the answer. These durable magnets are made from quality materials and are easy to keep clean. You can select one of the existing designs which are amazing or even personalize your fridge using your own design.

These magnets will wow your family and guests every time they walk into the kitchen. The images are bright and vivid and will stay looking good for years to come. 



Again, this can be expansive, depending on the size of the kitchen and what you go for. There are always less expensive options if you investigate a bit.

Instead of replacing the countertops with expensive granite you could paint the existing surface or tile it. Another very fashionable look that is very low-cost to do is concrete countertops. These look good, last well and go with most kitchens.



A few carefully selected and well-placed accessories can transform a kitchen in seconds. Look at the style of the kitchen and the available space and select a few objects that will stand out and make an impression. These can be alternated and replaced from time to time, allowing you to constantly update the look of the kitchen.


Replace handles

Replacing the entire kitchen cabinets or even just the doors can be expensive. Sometimes, adding bold new handles will make a dramatic impact. There is a wide selection to choose from so pick something that makes a statement and fits in with the general feel of your kitchen. It is a fast and inexpensive way to breathe new life into a kitchen.


Fit New Faucets

If you look around, you can find really great faucets for a reasonable price. You use them often so it is definitely something that will be noticed. It is normally a fairly simple DIY job that will only take a few minutes. It will create an instant impact in your kitchen.

Try any one or a combination of these awesome ideas to brighten up and refresh your kitchen. They are all great value for money and extremely effective.

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