Upgrading your Kitchen on a Budget

Upgrading your Kitchen on a Budget

Many people assume that a kitchen revamp is an expensive exercise and can only be done if you have a decent budget. Fortunately, there are many ways to add some fresh interest to your kitchen area and spice it up without spending a fortune. We look at some of the top budget kitchen revamp ideas.

The kitchen is one area in the house that most people see, most people notice. This is not only true of friends and visitors but yourself and your family. You want it to be a pleasant and attractive room.

Most people spend many hours in the kitchen, cooking, eating, entertaining, or simply relaxing. Make it the best it can be. You do not need to gut the room and spend buckets of money. Check out these low-cost ideas that will breathe fresh life into this important area.

  • A lick of paint

There are many affordable ways to spark a kitchen up but a simple coat of paint will probably work a treat. Even decent quality paint will go a long way and, when done correctly, will make a remarkable difference to the kitchen area.

This could relate to the walls if they are not tiled, the cupboard doors, and other areas. Even a fresh paint job on the ceiling could make a world of difference.

  • Replace cabinet doors

It is often not necessary to replace all of your cabinets. If the basic structure is still in good repair, simply replacing the doors is relatively inexpensive and will make a dramatic difference. Decide on the style that you are looking for as this will be a major feature so choose wisely.

Without changing the doors, if they are in good condition, you can create a dramatic difference by simply replacing the handles. There are many cool designs and they will add instant appeal to the look of the cabinets.

  • Update the lighting

Stunning and dramatic kitchen lights are remarkably affordable and will instantly change the look and mood of the room. Shop around for affordable, practical, and effective lights. This will instantly update your kitchen look.

Lights make a massive impact on the look of the kitchen and a few simple and inexpensive changes will make a brilliant new look to a jaded kitchen.


  • Fridge magnets

The largest appliance in the kitchen is often the fridge. An affordable way to make it into a stunning and eye-catching feature is a KUDU Magnet. These affordable and easy to apply magnetic skins will make your fridge an attractive feature in the kitchen.

They come in a range of styles with something to suit all tastes and environments. They can be used to liven up an older model or add some interest to a modern appliance.

They are also available for other appliances that might need a bit more excitement added.

What is more, is that you can choose from a range of styles and designs so that there is something to suit all styles and tastes. You can even upload your own pictures or graphics to get the exact look that you want.


  • Upgrade the worktops

This is another area that is noticed and important to the look of the area. There are many options to choose from if you are on a budget.

  • Do  not neglect the floor

This is another space that people notice and is important to the entire look of the room. Again, there are several options that do not need to break the bank. If the floor is looking shabby, updating it will be a good move. It can be done on a budget.


  • Enhance the storage

We all need a fair amount of equipment in our kitchens. The way they are stored will make all the difference to the look and feel of the kitchen. There are many options but this will depend on the utensils and appliances you have and the kitchen design.

Some, you will want to show off. There is nothing wrong with that. But others should rather be stored away. Choose wisely.

  • Mix and match

There is no reason to not use modern and older furniture and décor together. Provided you select interesting and quality items that do not clash, new and old will work well together. Try to establish a color scheme and style but be brave and bold. You can even mix colors with great effect.

  • Be creative with chalkboard paint and magnets 

This is such an exciting idea. It is also practical. You can paint any surface with this paint. It can be used for practical purposes such as as a shopping list as well as creative or inspirational space for ideas and comments.


  • Accessorize

Adding a few feature items will enhance the room. They need not be expensive but need to be unique and make a statement. Look around for a few standout items that will lift the look of the space. They could be practical kitchen items or interesting décor pieces.

  • Update fabrics

If you have chairs in the room, new coverings, fabrics, or cushions could make a stunning new look.

  • Upgrade the taps

This is another kitchen feature that is noticed by most people. There are many outstanding elegant taps that can be purchased on a budget. Do not live with outdated ugly taps when you can upgrade at a minimal cost.



  • Update the window coverings

There is a range of options for window coverings in the kitchen Some go for curtains while others prefer blinds. The point is that they should suit the style of the kitchen and look fresh and new, Again, they are affordable so need not cost a fortune.

The right window dressing can change the look of the room instantly.

  • The Backsplash

This is one of the potential features of your kitchen as is an inexpensive way to add some drama or style to the room. While it is a functional area there are many ways to make it look exciting and interesting.

It can be a focal point that makes a real statement and delivers some excitement to the area.



  • Add feature appliances

This might sound expensive but there are many great appliances that will make a statement that need not cost a fortune. Shop around for a few items that add some impact to the area. Keep it simple and go for a few quality items.

Final thoughts

Updating and adding interest to your kitchen need not be an expensive exercise. There are many awesome ideas. A fridge magnet will add instant appeal and look amazing. That is just one of the many brilliant ideas you can use to make your kitchen look great on a budget.

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