Answers from Neta

How do you know the sizes of my fridge?

After you complete your order, you will receive a measuring guide for your fridge model. Our team will assist you with any questions you might have. We will never print a magnet before we get the sizes from you.

Is there a risk magnet colors fade or deface?

Can I order branded magnets for my company?

Is there a risk magnet colors fade or deface?

No, because the magnet is printed with special latex colors, the lamination protects the vivid colors & allows you to clean it easily and avoid scratches.

Do you have magnets for my fridge model?

Yes, all our magnets are custom-made by size!
Even if you have a model that doesn’t appear on the website, like 4 doors french door.
After the order is made we will contact you with a simple measuring guide.
We will print and cut the magnet accordingly.

Can you make my design or idea on a magnet?

Yes, we print your picture or design on a magnet.
Just choose the option *Your design on a magnet
we will contact you after the order is made to get the measurements and the design.
We will send a mockup for your approval before printing

Which magnet is going to fit best my kitchen interior?

We can help you choose the perfect magnet for your kitchen interior!
Just send us a picture of your fridge and our designers will choose 3 magnets to fit your interior. We will email you 3 mockups to make the selection even easier.
Just send the photo to neta@kudumagnets.com